Dream Movie Kitchens: Because I Said So, Daphne Wilder

April 27, 2010

Equally as charming as her daughter’s kitchen, these are a few favorite things from Daphne Wilder’s cooking space and home.

Diane Keaton, as the mother, fixing dinner in her kitchen with a shelf in the background with gorgeous blue hued plates.

A better look at the turquoise and yellow dinnerware displayed on the shelves.  This is similar to Milly’s kitchen, which has a wall unit that stores orange, yellow, and blue ceramic dishes.

Dinner on the wooden kitchen island that is the perfect canvas for the aqua plates and bright blue salt and pepper shakers.

One of my favorite parts of the house is the backyard.  Lush, full of greenery, and reminds me of a European garden.  Of course I had to select an image centering around a cake.

The daughters sitting in the backyard at a mosaic patterned table with whismical wrought-iron chairs.

The house is supposedly waterfront in Venice Beach, complete with ducks floating along in the water.  Amazing location.

All images courtesy of Universal Pictures

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