Heirloom Tomato Tart with Goat Cheese and Parmesan-Pepper Crust

heirloom tomato goat cheese galette 1

August has never been one of my favorite months. When I was younger, it meant good bye vacation, hello school. Now, I dread the departure of summer’s bounty for the arrival of apples? I can only make so many pies. As the month comes to an end, I race to eat as many tomatoes as possible. Here, I’ve placed them on top of goat cheese and a flaky parmesan-pepper crust.

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Birthday Cake Croissants

birthday cake croissants 1

A month ago, I went to the new Union Fare food hall in NYC, where Chef Thiago just launched a croissant spread in crazy flavors including red velvet, cookies ‘n cream, creme brûlée, Matcha and the super Instagrammable birthday cake. At the time, there was only a little buzz about the funfetti-style croissant, so I managed to get by without lines or sold-out signs. I’m not sure how it is now but I just couldn’t wait till my next NY trip so I decided to re-create them.

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Waffle Bowls with Sweet Corn Ice Cream and Smashed Marionberries

waffle bowls corn ice cream 1

Summer means corn in every form, including ice cream. When infused with the milk, it imparts a nice sweet flavor that comes through once finally churned. It won’t be in-your-face corn flavor; it’s more mellow which I quite like. Then pair it with sweet-tart berries and we’ve got ourselves a perfect match. I’ve broken down the recipe into 3 components: ice cream, waffle bowls, and compote.

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Things to Know About Working with Laminated Dough

kouign amann 1

For some time, I felt that laminated dough was my enemy. When I was in school, I didn’t have trouble with it. When I made my first batch of cronuts, they were a success (or maybe, it was beginner’s luck?). But then came trouble. My next 3-4 attempts were all fails. I threw one batch in the trash and gave up after that. Fast forward a year later, and here I am with a renewed desire to get it right.

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Creme Fraiche Ice Cream with Balsamic Strawberries

creme fraiche ice cream 2

Every summer, after going strawberry picking, I get into a baking frenzy. How many ways can I use 5, 10, 20 lbs of berries? 20 is a lot but sometimes I get carried away in the fields. The obvious answer is jam, but I try to use the berries fresh or uncooked because they’re already so ripe and naturally sweet that it seems like a waste to cook them down.

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