NY Restaurant Week at Del Posto

July 25, 2009

Onto a new cuisine, Italian, for my second meal.  Friday night dinner at Del Posto, a Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali, establishment.  Del Posto doesn’t actually participate in RW but they have a special prix fixe menu for $32 that I tried out.

Bread basket was impressive.  A lot to choose from.  FYI this is a basket for 4 so there was 4 of each thing.  Mini baguettes on the left.  I immediately wished I had brie and ham to make a sandwich.  🙂  There were also bread sticks that were gobbled up before I could get it in the shot.  The rolls on the bottom were multigrain, herb, and olive.

The multigrain was really good.  Loved all the different grains.  Herb was not too bad.  I didn’t try the olive roll as I was getting very full from carbs already, but it had bits of olives which was nice.

To accompany the bread we got two options.  Butter, in front, and lardo, in back.  I’ve heard a lot about the lardo so I was excited to try it.  Unfortunately it was a bit too greasy and had a strange taste so I stuck with butter.

FIRST COURSE: Proscuitto di Parma. Thinly sliced proscuitto, figs, fresh basil, and shaved Parmesan.  I love this combination of flavors.  I actually did a pizza with all of this once.  I wish it had more fig but other than that fantastic.  Can really taste all the individual components.  Light and refreshing start.

PASTA COURSE: Spaghetti Rotti con L’Aragosta.   Short spaghetti with lobster.  For the pasta course, one dish is selected and shared among everyone.  It came out pre-portioned for us.  I have to say it was rather small, especially after the really nice portioned appetizer.  Nevertheless, great flavor.  The lobster was good and the pasta well seasoned and al dente (which I like).

SECOND COURSE: Roman Pork Ribs.  Sadly the meal was not so good after the pasta.  The portion size was surprisingly nice and they looked so good I wanted to eat them with my hands, but of course not the right place for that.  I proceeded to use my fork and knife but had a difficult time as it was mostly bone.  After a good few minutes I gave up picking off what meat there was and used my hands.  Luckily we had a corner table and I was in the dark.  It was just really salty and not all that juicy.  I actually didn’t even want to finish.

DESSERT:  Torta di Cioccolato with Stratiatella Gelato & Frangelico.  Chocolate torte with chocolate chip gelato on some hazelnuts.  The waiter came by and poured hazelnut liquor over the cake.  I always like the tableside extra touches.  As much as I wanted to like it the chocolate torte was a bit dry.  Eaten with the gelato it was fine but on its own it wasn’t very good.  I actually left half of it which is sad since its usually my favorite part of the meal.  The gelato was very good as was the crunch from the hazelnuts.

Overall it started out well but the main course and dessert were disappointing.  I’m not sure if its because of the more limited selection we have to pick from on this special menu.  From reviews I’ve read of dining off the main menu everyone seems to love the food.  Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to try again and enjoy it as everyone else has.

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