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Update 1/5/2015: While still a big fan of the show, I will no longer be updating these pages with product info. The Food Network page, Giada at Home Set List is a great resource for searching her show props and products.

I think of all the Food Network shows I keep up with Giada at Home the most.  She kept a couple of things from her Everyday Italian show but mostly everything is new.  The show emphasizes her California lifestyle so everything is the aesthetic is clean, modern, and eco-friendly.  Not a bad view either with the ocean as the backdrop.  Here are some of the great pieces from the set.

Sugar Bowl SHOP
The #1 request is for Giada’s salt and pepper containers. Thanks to all the contributors for sourcing them and Alison for finding a site in the US. The containers are from Hering Berlin.

Ikea CELEBER canisters on her counter for flour and sugar- discontinued as of 2011
Ikea DROPPAR jars for storing her pantry ingredients SHOP

Glass & Brushed Aluminum Square Canisters SHOP

Anchor Hocking Emma Jars with Metal Lids SHOP
Anchor carries 10 oz, 20 oz and 30 oz but the ones I’ve seen her use are pretty small.  I’m not sure if the smaller ones are discontinued.

Magnetic Spice Tins SHOP
For her spice storage, she uses these magnetic spice tins with clear view lids. They are pretty common to find. At the Container Store you can get a 3 pack of just the tins without the magnetic strip.

Chilewich Ray Tray SHOP
Giada keeps this three-tiered stand on her back counter filled with fresh ingredients. Currently also available at Macy’s.

Gourmet Standard Stainless Colander SHOP
For washing small batches of produce and fruit Giada uses a scalloped-edge colander from the brand Gourmet Standard. I haven’t been able to find the scalloped version online so I assume it is discontinued. Above is the straight edge version in 5.5 quart but it is not available at the moment.

Cuvee Suede Oven Mitt SHOP
Giada’s used various colors including chocolate, purple, and gray.  I remember seeing the purple for the first time I loved it.  It was hard to see on the TV and was kind of sad when I found out the fabric was suede.  Not sure how easy it would be to clean. Note: she uses white a lot since that is part of her general color scheme but that is not available anymore.

Ceramic Egg Crate
Giada made this piece popular from Everyday Italian. She most likely got it through Anthropologie but as of summer 2012 they don’t carry it anymore. The link will take you to Amazon to purchase.

Porcelain Measuring Set SHOP
UPDATE: Giada’s version is from the shop, Anthropologie.  They no longer carry it but Food Network’s website has it.
Another piece brought from her Everyday Italian set.  I love the look of the set but knowing me I’d break them.


Scoop Measuring Cups SHOP
In the first season Giada used these stainless measuring cups with a rounded bottom. I have this set and the rounded part makes it really easy to clean. Also I like that it includes a couple of the “odd-size” measures: 2/3 and 3/4.

Anchor Hocking Triple Pour 2-Cup Measuring Cup
This all-clear glass measuring cup has three pour spouts. I like how the markings are clear rather than red like on a Pyrex. The 2-cup size is shown above but they also have a 1-cup size.


Bormioli Rocco Mr. Chef Mixing Bowl SHOP
For mixing, Giada used the bowls from the Mr. Chef line at Bormioli. They are tapered and have a lip. I particularly like them because the glass is clear and doesn’t have that green tint. I have provided a link to the 11″ size on Amazon. The sizes are sold individually.

Crate & Barrel Rectangle Plane SHOP
Giada uses this serve piece quite a bit on her show. Elegant and simple for lining up appetizers. Great price too!

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