What’s New Cupcake? at Sur la Table

April 13, 2010

Rubber Duckie cupcakes…

and their creators… Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at their Palo Alto, CA cupcake class held at Sur la Table, one of many stops on their promotional tour for their new book, What’s New Cupcake?

It was such a great opportunity to watch and learn from them.  Their cupcakes are so appealing because anyone can make them.  By using candies and snacks as the tools, the cupcakes look just as they do in the book.  No special pastry skills needed.  I could keep writing about how great the class was but I’d rather show you as I do with everything on my blog, with many pictures 🙂

Karen and Alan just finished demoing koi fish.

Here is their trio of koi close up.  So cute.

My koi fish.  Eyes are little scary since the white parts aren’t showing.

Karen Tack diligently placing petals on the Chrysanthemum cupcake.  Alan is creating a blue based flower cupcake.

A trio of beautiful flowers.  From the book, an orange and green Chrysanthemum and two variations, blue posies and a yellow petaled flower.  The initial cupcake is such a great starting point for making the cupcake your own.

Adding petals to the second row of my blue petaled Chrysanthemum

Blue petals with yellow contrasting licorice pastels.

Karen and Alan creating the lo mein noodles for my favorite of the day, the Chinese Take Out Box cupcake.

Popping on the broccoli florette on top.  I cannot get over how clever and life-like it looks.

Here is my lo mein noodle cupcake and fortune cookie.  How ADORABLE is the fortune cookie mini cupcake?  They gave us printed fortunes to put inside which I thought was really nice touch.  Mine read,”“There is no such thing as a little garlic.” -Arthur Baer

To really complete the idea of Chinese Take Out, we got a take out box to put the cupcake in.  Fortune cookie couldn’t fit but I guess those don’t really go in boxes anyway.

Then onto step 2 of the rubber duckies, getting a nice yellow frosting bath.  Earlier we put the cupcakes in the freezer to set so they wouldn’t fall apart at this step.

Glossy and perfectly smooth.

Getting blue eyes

My brown-eyed rubber duckie

Last but not least, Karen and Alan demonstrating the White Water Rafting cupcake.  A follow up to the Sleepover cupcake from the first book, this one has many more added features to make it your own.

My White Water Rafting Girl with a beer in hand, looking a bit too relaxed on what should be a choppy ride

The first book, Hello Cupcake! signed by Alan and Karen.

A big thank you to Karen and Alan for sharing their wonderful ideas with us and look forward to seeing more.




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