Sift Cupcakes Comes to SF

August 22, 2012

Cupcake couture has come to San Francisco. Classy with a bit of attitude. Making their way over the Golden Gate Bridge from the Sonoma/Napa area, cupcake and dessert bar Sift Cupcakes opened today on the corner of trendy Fillmore and California Street. As long as chefs continue to create interesting flavor combinations I am all for the continuing cupcake craze and Sift Cupcakes does not disappoint. If you are not in the area, not to worry as they now ship nationwide. Here is a look at my visit on grand opening day.

A beautiful beaded chandelier above as you walk in. At the counter there were multiple domed ruffled cake stands with fun flavors like pink champagne, limonatta and the classic vanilla which was the giveaway to celebrate the opening.

Inside the glass case, I was eying this berry good cheesecake flavor that had a graham cracker crust, raspberry jam filling and cream cheese frosting. I’m a sucker for anything cream cheese. Aside from cupcakes, the display case featured French macarons and Cruffles, their take on cake pops. Instead of the lollipop stick they are little domed bites with a crimped edge.

The cute polka dot wall has seating in front where guests were logging in and posting about the shop. There is also seating in front of the window so you can people watch and have your sweets. I took mine home so I could photo shoot everything without stares from customers.

The classic vanilla had a beautifully wispy rustic buttercream frosting top. It was nice and light with a bit of tang. The vanilla cake was moist and fluffy, similar to Kara’s Cupcakes. I’d say with Sift Cupcakes, they are a bit more generous with the frosting. I personally don’t need as much but it did not detract from the overall enjoyment of the cupcake. This is a good flavor for those that are not so adventurous.

But not me! I am all for crazy combinations so I got the Battle Royale. If not for the reason that this was the winning flavor on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, the description will entice you to try it. Almond cake with a blueberry tequila filling topped with acai berry cream cheese frosting. Every component of this fascinated me but of course tequila was the stand out. Acai is also one of my favorite flavors (my go-to Jamba Juice).

The filling was outstanding. The tequila was just the right amount and not over-powered by the frosting. I’m sometimes disappointed when a cupcake lists out all these ingredients and some of them get lost because there is too much going on. That was not the case here. And thank you to Sift for being generous with the filling!

I will now be celebrating my un-birthday much more often.

Sift Cupcakes
2411 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

For any Cupcake Wars fans, Sift Cupcakes was featured on Season 2, Episode 5: Wedding Planner. I will keep my eye out for a rerun.

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