Valentine Gnome Scene

February 14, 2012

For Valentine’s Day this year, I was inspired by this Gnome cookie collection and decided to make my own.  I first caught on to the ingeniously cookies by Dani Boglivi-Fiori when she appeared on the Martha Stewart Show in December 2010 to demo these Snow Globes.  Since then, Dani has gone full steam ahead with her cookie business and continues to amaze with ideas like this year’s holiday work of art, the Nativity Scene and Lovebird Owls.  The best news of all… she recently tweeted that her book is tentatively launching at the end of the year!

This is my take on Dani’s Gnome collection.  I went with the traditional gnome color scheme and added blue.  And a good 8 hours later…..

Gnome couple and the mushroom family

Just getting started.  All half naked.

Sweet Gnome in need of Gnomi


Gnomi on Martha Stewart’s site to get the list of decorations Dani used


  • If you have the time, wait 4-8 hours in between colors that touch.  I didn’t and mine started to bleed into each other.
  • Use the flattest cookies possible.  It will help you have an even icing layer.  My Gnomi’s dress started to run a bit.
  • The icing bottles are great to really guide the icing around the cookie.  I used standard size bottles from Michaels which are decent but would definitely like to have the different sized tips like on the ones Dani designed.


Below are the links to purchase the cookie cutters.  I printed out images from the links and cut out my own guides for tracing the cookies.  Official templates will be in Dani’s book.

Gnome and Gnomi cookie cutters by SweetDaniB
Mushroom cookie cutter, the mini ones I traced myself
Icing Bottle Kit by Sweet DaniB

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