My Take: Alexander’s Steakhouse

January 11, 2011

This past winter I celebrated my birthday at Bay Area’s Alexander’s Steakhouse.  In October they opened a location in San Francisco to expand upon their successful Silicon Valley location.  That same month the restaurant received its first Michelin star which they deserve for their great food and outstanding service.

My bonus birthday treat, a classic chocolate cake

The complimentary amuse bouche, a shitaki mushroom starter

The bread basket with a classic baguette, grain loaf and my favorite, the Parmesan crisps.  They were greasy but so wonderfully cheesy.

The extremely popular Hamachi Shot appetizer.  I love the presentation on the bed of sea salt.  Each Hamachi shot has truffled ponzu sauce, chili, avocado, frizzled ginger, and cilantro greens.  The chili adds a nice punch.

In between the appetizer and main course we got this palette cleansing sorbet.  I wish I had written the ingredients because it was so refreshing and light.

Filet mignon with tarragon-mustard beurre blanc, demi-glace.  I got the 6 oz filet.  It had a nice sear and cooked perfectly.  The sauce was really good and I wished I had more for such a thick piece, even though it is not meant to be drenched in it.

This was the only miss of the night was this side to share of saffron risotto with shrimp, chorizo, peas, pimentos, okra and aioli.  It was a bit too oily and overly seasoned, enough that I couldn’t eat more than a few bites.

Our second side to share saved the day.  The truffled mac and cheese was fantastic.  It was rich, tangy and creamy with just the right amount of truffle flavor.  True comfort food.

For dessert we selected the O2, a Valrhona chocolate sphere, covering a dark
chocolate cake, namelaka (a creamy mousse-like filling), hot raspberry
sauce, and malted milk ice cream.  The chocolate sphere was rich and tasty but I really loved the malted milk ice cream.

To balance out the chocolate we always select a fruit dessert as well.  This apple souffle was the most impressive restaurant dessert I’ve ever had.  It was huge.  I’d say 4″ in diameter?  Yes it is the most expensive dessert but it was so technically perfect and flawlessly tasty I would not hesitate to get it again.  The souffle was so light and airy and had a lovely apple flavor.  The waitress poured some of the caramel creme anglaise inside for dramatic presentation and left the rest for us to use as needed. I got a bit of crunch from what I think was caramelized sugar from the anglaise.  The sides on the plate were cinnamon financiers and fennel pollen shortbread, both done well but I was in love with the souffle.

Here is the souffle again.  It was perfectly poofed when it got to the table.  I couldn’t tell you if it deflated because I ate it too fast.

They are known for adding a bit of whismy to the dining experience with their cotton candy to finish the meal.  They regularly change the flavor that they make and apparently you can request what flavor you want.  Wish I had known because our table got cherry which always reminds me of cough medicine.  Not exactly the best way to end my meal but the apple souffle made up for it.

Alexander’s Steakhouse
10330 N. Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA 95014


448 Brannan St
San Francisco, CA 94107

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