Passion Fruit Pound Cake

October 5, 2010

I was excited to try this recipe because I like the idea of a buttery, slightly sweet cake combined with a tangy fruit glaze.  The recipe is out of David Lebovitz’s latest book, Ready For Dessert.

The pound cake is a beautiful golden brown when it comes out of the oven.  As it cools I poked holes on the top with a wooden skewer.

The passion fruit glaze is easy to make.  It is simply passion fruit pulp and granulated sugar.  I use the Goya brand frozen pulp which I also used in my passion fruit chiffon cake for a graduation dinner.   I concentrate most of the glaze on the top so it can seep into the cake.  Then the rest is slathered all around the sides to seal the cake and keep it fresh.

Slicing into the cake, you can see where the glaze starts to penetrate into the cake.  I’m a little sad it didn’t seep more into the cake.  I think in the future I will make the glaze thinner and also make the holes a little larger.  Or even, turn the glaze into a passion fruit curd to spread on top.


Passion Fruit Pound Cake
from David Lebovitz

my recipe notes: really the only note I have would be to make sure the holes are large enough so the glaze can seep through.  Also make sure the glaze is thin enough so it can penetrate more easily.

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